Illustrations for a book

As promised, here are the illustrations for a book by Gilad Shiffer. The book was printed and is now sold in stores across the country. We celebrated in TA port with a nice little launch party, and now the book is officially out.

At the party I got to meet the author Gilad and his lovely family. In the first stages of the illustrations development Gilad sent me photos of his kids, Gidi (the older brother) and Tamar (the younger sister) as reference for the design of the kids. He didn’t, however, send me a picture of his wife, Carmit. The funny thing was that I could recognize Carmit without ever seeing her as she was so much like in the drawings I made. The kids were very excited to see a book about them created and published into the world, and I asked them if they liked how they turned out in the book. They said “yes” shyly.

Gilad said a few words about this very personal book. One day Gidi came to him and asked “daddy, do you love me?” and Gilad answered “most in the whole world”. Another day Gidi came over again and repeated the question, and Gilad said, again “most in the whole world”. “More than Tamar?” Gidi asked, and this was the birth of this story, which transcends age (I still wonder if my parents like my sister best, even though I am way too old for this kind of stuff).

Please feel free to comment (especially if you have a better phrase than “most in the while world” – I tried and couldn’t do any better).