Multiplication as Scaling – work for Matific

This game is about how product of two numbers can be estimated between two other numbers. The player in this game is given a number of cards, one or more of which is a product of two numbers, an expression. The cards should be arranged in ascending order. The product doesn’t necessarily have to be calculated for that, an estimation is often enough. This episode made me wonder if there is enough emphases on the art of estimation. I don’t call it art for nothing, it is very often the best and most efficient way to solve certain problems. Most people encounter this at their SAT tests, when they are already quite old, and it is harder to acquire new skills such as this. Therefore it is very important, in my very humble and unprofessional opinion, to invest more in estimation in the younger ages. This episode is for the 5th grade students (using fractions taught by then), but I guess it can work well with whole simple numbers, and possibly with other operations. This way a student gets “the feel of” how an operators result reacts to changes in the operands. 

Click on the image or here to play this episode.


Multiplication Scaling – click to play

As far as the visual part goes, there was never any specific instruction, except for having enough space for cards on the background, and clear visibility of the numbers on the cards. I love board and card games so much, and even more when they are properly designed and have good illustration supporting them. What I wanted was magic. And a forest.


With the cards back side (and less cards for finer detail).


Accepted back side

The back side shown is the accepted version of the back side of the card. There is one rejected version shown below. I had a great time doing this forest, and those cards and their details. Working with those heavy and little wild brushes, letting the regular contour go. The best time I had here is designing the back of this card, which was rejected. It was rightly replaced, as it looks a bit odd on the background of the forest. I still love it so, and treat it with respect as it’s own painting.


Rejected back side of the card