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  • Can I send my purchase as a gift?
    Sure thing! On check out, click "Add a Note" so I know your order is a gift. I can add a little note with a personal message inside, I have pretty notes just for that :)
  • I can't find the size I want. Can you make custom size?
    Yes, additional sizes are possible to produce. The special size order might take a few more days. Let's talk about what it is that you would like to have.
  • There are missing animals, will you paint them?"
    The animal collection is ever growing, and I'd love to hear about animals which, in your opinion, are must have here. Tell me about it and I promise to let you know when an animal of your choice is available.
  • Why can't I purchase a digital copy of the art?
    This art has taken years of practice, and each peace is unique and special to me. Digital copies often find themselves duplicated with no control of the artist, and exploited online. However, I would like to hear why would you look for a digital copy, and work with you for a solution. If it is a different size or crop you require, or any other adjustment to get the art just right for you, I would be very glad to help, so Contact Me with your requirement.
  • Will you paint my dog?
    I accept commissions gladly. It moves me to work with someone on their personal story. Contact me about your commission.
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