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יצירת מקור יחידה במינה.

גודל הציור: 38X56 ס"מ עם שולי הדבקה של 1 ס"מ מכל צד

הציור חתום בצדו הקדמי והאחורי.

צבע מים על נייר כותנה Arches 300gsm

לפני שנה וחצי השארתי חתיכה מהלב שלי בבריטניה. הלכתי ביער ונשמתי את הירוק של תחילת הקיץ.


A one of a kind, original painting of a British forest in the beginning of summer. I visited there and breated that lush green in until my head was spinning. 

Watercolor on paper 38X56 cm, with 1 cm taping border on each side.

יער בריטי British forest

1,290.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
903.00 ₪מחיר מבצע

    This is an original watercolor painting, hand-made by me and it is one of a kind.

    Sheet size is 38X56 cm, while there is about 1 cm border on each size as the paper is attached to a board. Actual painted area size is 36X54 cm.

    Watercolor on 300 GSM cotton watercolor paper. Like other originals, this sheet has deffects such as small rips and some stains on the back side. 

    Signed on back and front

    See images for a closer view of the signatures and defects. 

    The picture is delivered unframed.


    Original art is sensitive to sunlight. High quality paint fades slower than poor quality, but some pigments have low lightfastness even for the best brands of paint. Help original art last by protecting it from sunlight.

    Keep paintings away from direct sunlight (this is true for any art, not just watercolors). 

    Regular glass filters out some harmful rays, and protects the painting from dust. 

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