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הדפס גדול של שרקרק מצוי בתעופה.

גודל ההדפס הוא 40X30 ס"מ עם אקסטרא 5 מ"מ למסגור (גודל הנייר הוא 41X31 ס"מ)

יש שני סוגי נייר לבחירה, כי לא הצלחתי להחליט מה יותר טוב: נייר עבה מהודר עם טקסטורה וצבא לבן עליו הצבעים קופצים יותר, ונייר בגוון ומרקם וינטג' משגע שגורם ישר להרגיש בבית. 

שרקרק מצוי - הדפס גדול European bee-eater - large print

100.00 ₪מחיר
  • Framing Suggestion

    A frame is not supplied with the print.

    However, I have thought about this for us, so this print is compatible with not one, but two IKEA standard frame sizes.

    Choose 40X50cm size to add mat to the painting, or, if you will, choose 30X40 for a more compact fit on your walls.

  • Paper Options

    I couldn't decide as both products are both beautiful.

    This product is available on two paper weights: 

    Vintage Cream Light - a slightly cream shade and lighter paper. The way the ink sets on this paper is magical, and takes you back in time in the warmest sense.

    Heavy White - a heavy weight, textured paper, with an almost white perfect shade. This paper makes the colors pop out more, and the print looks similar to the original painting. 

  • About this print

    40X30 cm print, extra 5 mm border for framing.

    A premium quality print on heavy-weight textured paper.


    The Bee Eater is a very loud bird, both in sound and color, quite wide-spread across the country and easy to spot.

    Bee eaters, as their name suggests, feed on insects, catching them in flight. The smaller catch is eaten in flight, while the larger and stingy bees and wasps are brought to “the table” where the sting is removed before consumption.

    When courting, the male brings the larger catch to the female and feeds her, while eating the smaller ones himself.

    For a home they dig a tunnel in soft rocks, where they care for their eggs and young together.