13X13cm (5.2"x5.2") print of minimalistic dog paintings with 5 mm border for framing.

High quality print on heavy-weight textured paper.

These are of my favourite ink dogs, with their minimalistic silhouette and expression. 

Get an Akita to guard your space, or a Borzoi to add elegance, or the all-time favorite Labrador for joy and playfullness.

Or get them all and place them next to each other like in the suggestion I gave.

Minimalistic Dogs - 13X13 cm prints

30.00 ₪מחיר
  • Framing Suggestion

    A frame is not included in the purchase.

    However, I did think of this. These dogs would look perfect in the Hovsta frame IKEA have to offer, and were made to match this exact size. Enjoy decorating :)