Prints on high quality textured paper.Each print is 18X13 cm (7.2"x5.2") in size, horizontal orientation.

Snakes - 18X13 cm prints

  • Prints on high quality textured paper. Each print is 18X13 cm (7.2"x5.2") in size, horizontal orientation.

    Compile your own collection by ordering prints of your choice.

    You can give them as greeting cards, or hang them on your walls, as the size is a standard frame size you can get in a store.

    Each print has a brand signature on the front side. Back side is blank. All are packed in white paper with jute cord, for a festive feeling.

  • This collection is all about the reptile that everyone learned to fear. I have chosen to represent both the venomous and the safe members of this family. The coin snake is a perfectly safe friend of the garden: it is non venomous and functions as pest control. The pattern reminds of that on the Palestinean Viper, a very venomous and common snake in Israel. 

    The Saw Scaled Viper can be pink (!) as the color varies based on the coloring of their location. It is also venomous, but will make warning sounds with the scales on the body. 

    Dahl's whip snake is a delicate, small, non venomous and beatutiful snake. Recognize them by the coloring, a few stripes of dark brown on a uniform olive-toned skin.

    Dice Snake (water snake) can be found near water reserves, feeds mostly on fish. Non venomous, but has another special defence mechanism: it secrates foul smell when thretened.

    All snakes are protected by law.

    Do not harm them, I can assure you they don't mean to harm you.

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